Free Gifts

If you have found a free gift coupon in one of our products? Congratulations! You could be eligible for a free gift

How does it work?

  • Simply leave a product review on the product you have bought on the our Amazon page. (Links can be found on our product descriptions)
  • Take a screen shot of your review and email it to us at and confirm your postal address
  • We will send you a mystery gift completely free of charge at the end of the month- easy!

What if I didn't originally purchase my BooBoo product from Amazon?
You can still write a review as long as you have an Amazon account, you will still be eligible for a mystery gift.

Where do I leave my review? 
Find the relevant product on Amazon or use the links provided on our product descriptions. Scroll down to the reviews section at the bottom of the listing and click on the 'write review' button shown below.
Write review here
What type of mystery gifts can I expect?
Now that would be telling! We try to send out small gifts relevant to your purchase. If we see a review which has gone the extra mile (videos, photos, etc) then we may make your gift extra special!

Free Gifts

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